Family and Consumer Education Clubs (FCE)

Club Name

New Salem

Meeting Day

1st Friday

Meeting Time

1:00 pm


Meet in Member’s Homes

Policy Statement

The University of Tennessee Extension offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more than 75 years, a network of friends in communities across the state have shared these common goals:

  • to learn through shared experience;
  • to improve home and community life;
  • to strengthen adult education;
  • to promote projects that enhance family and community life.

Through our rich history, we have grown from small community clubs to a worldwide network focused on growth through education. You may recognize us by some of our earlier names: Home Demonstration Clubs and Extension Homemakers.


  • Club Dues — Each club is responsible for setting and collecting their own club dues, payable to their club treasure.
  • Council Dues — Each club treasurer is responsible for paying $1.00 per club member to the Weakley County Council Treasurer by September 1st.
  • TAFCE Dues — Membership in the Region and State Association of FCE is $4.00 per member and is due and payable to the Weakley County Council Treasurer by September 1st. Club Treasurers are responsible for collecting and sending dues along with 3 copies of the list of members paid, in alphabetical order, and on separate pages by zip code. For Example: New Salem Club has members from Martin, Dresden, and Sharon areas. Therefore, they would have 3 sets of alphabetized membership lists.
  • NAFCE Dues — To belong to the National Association of FCE, members will pay $25.00 (members 80+ years old pay $21.20), in addition to the $4.00 Region and State dues. The club treasurer will send these dues along with the signed National dues form to the County Council Treasurer by September 1st.

New Salem


President:  Betty Bequette
Vice President/Secretary:  Linda Capra
Treasurer:   Jerry Seamans